Ben Wasson: Spirit of Rockabilly, 60's style arrangements, flavored with country and blues! Ben Wasson: Spirit of Rockabilly, 60's style arrangements, flavored with country and blues!
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Powder Blue

New Single Release –
Powder Blue

Artist: Ben Wasson


Unannounced and uninvited thoughts sometimes enter the minds of those who write, compose, or create at the most unusual times. I was comfortably sitting in an empty chair at a hair salon, waiting for my friend to come in, when a young girl of fifteen or so, came walking by and for no known reason the words, “Powder Blue” came abruptly into mind.

How odd I thought. Why? I hadn’t the slightest idea. Nevertheless, the thought came back to me one evening with guitar in hand and I wrote the first line of Powder Blue. The basic melody came a little later… but try as I may, I couldn’t think of anyway to finish it.

Fast-forward twenty years and upon one family gathering, I mentioned to my son that I had a song I had never been able to finish.

Since he is a good lyricist and co-writer of the song, “Winds Of Change,” I played it for him. He said that’s not bad! Play it for me again.

A few days later he woke up at midnight, sat down at his computer, and in an hour and a half completed what I hadn’t been able to finish during the past twenty years (he’s quite a talented fellow! At his full-time job, his patients call him, “Dr. Wasson!”)

We recorded it and put “Powder Blue” on a c.d. album.

When visiting my childhood buddy, Stan Parham, one of the featured characters in my memoir/novel, “Footsteps Through My Mind” [LINK], I overheard his wife and daughter along with my sister Peggy discussing amongst themselves how they particularly liked the song, “Powder Blue!”

We then decided to pull it out of the album and feature it as a single, which will soon be released to C.D. Baby, YouTube, and streamed globally. It was quite a trip!

Now, my friends, you now know the “Saga of Powder Blue,” and the journey it took on it’s way to arrive at your doorstep. Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks to my fellow musicians who performed so wonderfully on this recording, and with special thanks going to Mike Scherimpf, who played keyboard for Conway all those years.

Ben Wasson

“See when you look, feel when you touch….. and remember!”

Midnight Tail Gating Party

Recent Single Release –
Midnight Tail Gating Party

Artist: Ben Wasson
Composers: Ben and Brad Wasson


I can’t imagine anything more fun than having the volume of your pickup radio turned up good and high and dancing in the moonlight with your favorite girl – to Midnight Tail Gating Party!

Life was meant to be enjoyed!

Special tribute to the memory my old friend and great guitarist / producer, Tommy Allsup. He will forever be remembered, when as a young man, lost the toss of a fifty cent piece to Ritchie Valens, one cold snowy New Years night in Clear Lake, Iowa.

He always wore a Stetson hat, pressed shirt, pressed Levi’s, and shined boots for a recording session. He was so revered, all the musicians stood up when he walked in. Also, to the memory of one of Nashville’s greatest drummers of all time, Tommy Wells. Terrifically talented and good person through and through. The only drummer I ever played with, who stopped the session, to go outside to his pickup van and select a particular drum, he thought would better fit the song. It was a privilege and honor to have had them both with me, on this recording.

Midnight Tail Gating Party was a fun song everyone on the session enjoyed. When Tommy Wells gave it that final drum lick at the end – everyone smiled and laughed knowing they had done a good thing! That’s the way I’ll always remember them!

Ben Wasson

“See when you look, feel when you touch….. and remember!”


Recent Release –
Just Want To Be Your Salty Dog


Nashville’s well known music lady, Judy Rodman, was at the helm as producer on this one. She brought in Mike Chapman as session leader. Mike’s one of the best bass men I’ve ever played with – and he’s played for, as well as produced, major artists himself.

They in turn brought in one of the best keyboard players on the planet, Michael Rojas, twice ACM keyboard winner of the year! (wow! What an incredible pianist!) I had personally asked for my longtime rock solid guitarist, Doug Grieves, and those two for sure brought in some high
octane music to the session. I lay down my basic tracks in Nashville, and mix and master in Dallas. During the mix at Audio Dallas, engineer Paul Osborne said, “this song sure could use an accordion .” It just so happened that my friend, Jeff Lisenby, who was currently acting as music director for the Johnny Cash, “Ring Of Fire” show – had played with me on sessions before. He had won the Missouri state accordion championship – twice! (Jeff and I, with a couple of his actor buddies, enjoyed a delightful lunch while during their “Ring Of Fire” performance while they were here in Dallas.) A no brainer here, I asked Jeff to come in, and he added his squeeze box to the tracks, and was superb, as usual. Judy had mentioned that we would get three cuts, maybe four tops, in the session. I realized if we did take a stab at a fourth one it would be a good idea to pick a tune that everyone already knew – so I contacted publisher Peer International, for permission to freshen up some lyrics on Salty Dog. They gave me the green light and it came up that it was the fourth song of the session. We got it one take. Since I had spent nearly three years as a radarman on the aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Intrepid, (now a museum in NYC) I had heard many of the long time enlisted sailors referred to as “old salty dogs”. (I related to the term!)

I was most proud to serve on that great ship… and most proud to serve our great country!
Hope you enjoy the song – you can tell by the music, the guys on the session had fun playing it. So did I!

Just before sitting down to the keyboard a moment ago, I heard the melody on t.v. of “Everyday”, playing as the musical background for a new commercial. Norman Petty and Buddy Holly created that song over a half century ago, and their work was so good……it’s still being played today. I vividly recall pulling into the Norman Petty Studio in Clovis, all those years ago, and seeing a ’56 Caddy parked out front. Everyone knew that Buddy drove a ’56 Cad (I was driving ’55 T-Bird). While I was waiting outside Norman’s office to present some new material – I watched as he and Buddy negotiated away whatever it was they were discussing. To have been sitting just a few feet away from two world acclaimed legends…… is just as awesome now, as it was back then!

Thanks Norman and Buddy!


Transitions: By Ben Wasson

Everyone in their lifetime goes through various transitions. These are some of mine. From Rockabililly to country to Ode to Baby Boomers, Transitions is a lined with a little country, 60’s rock, and the spirit of rockabillly.



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