Ben Wasson: Spirit of Rockabilly, 60's style arrangements, flavored with country and blues! Ben Wasson: Spirit of Rockabilly, 60's style arrangements, flavored with country and blues!
The Saga of Powder Blue!

Unannounced and uninvited thoughts sometimes enter the minds of those who write, compose, or create at the most unusual times. I was comfortably sitting in an empty chair at a hair salon, waiting for my friend to come in, when a young girl of fifteen or so, came walking by and for no known reason the words, “Powder Blue” came abruptly into mind.

How odd I thought. Why? I hadn’t the slightest idea. Nevertheless, the thought came back to me one evening with guitar in hand and I wrote the first line of Powder Blue. The basic melody came a little later… but try as I may, I couldn’t think of anyway to finish it.

Fast-forward twenty years and upon one family gathering, I mentioned to my son that I had a song I had never been able to finish.

Since he is a good lyricist and co-writer of the song, “Winds Of Change,” I played it for him. He said that’s not bad! Play it for me again.

A few days later he woke up at midnight, sat down at his computer, and in an hour and a half completed what I hadn’t been able to finish during the past twenty years (he’s quite a talented fellow! At his full-time job, his patients call him, “Dr. Wasson!”)

We recorded it and put “Powder Blue” on a c.d. album.

When visiting my childhood buddy, Stan Parham, one of the featured characters in my memoir/novel, “Footsteps Through My Mind” [LINK], I overheard his wife and daughter along with my sister Peggy discussing amongst themselves how they particularly liked the song, “Powder Blue!”

We then decided to pull it out of the album and feature it as a single, which will soon be released to C.D. Baby, YouTube, and streamed globally. It was quite a trip!

Now, my friends, you now know the “Saga of Powder Blue,” and the journey it took on it’s way to arrive at your doorstep. Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks to my fellow musicians who performed so wonderfully on this recording, and with special thanks going to Mike Scherimpf, who played keyboard for Conway all those years.

See when you look… feel when you touch… and remember.

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